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Complicated prices?

Not with Quizification!

Quizification has 5 simple pricing plans:

Free of charge!
Everyone should have the opportunity to gain quality knowledge - regardless of their wallet. Therefore, Quizification is free of charge for the day to day consumer. We value your privacy and do not sekk or share any of your information with third parties.

You want more?

Analytical evaluations, document recognition, drawings & free text questions?

Prices are calculated on a monthly basis

🧑‍🎓 Private+
per Person

Create learning journeys

Unlock all quiz types

Sell quizzes

🧑‍🏫 Schools
per Teacher

Complex Quiz evaluation

Corporate Branding

Auth integration

RBAC manager

🏫 Institution
per Person

All "Business" features

pre Person
*Quantity discount available

◼️ All "Schools" features

◼️ Service Level Agreements

◼️ Enterprise support

◼️ Weekly "What's New" meetings

◼️ Certifications

◼️ Credly integration

◼️ Excel import

◼️ Potential: Early access invitations

Some services may require additional Fees which are tailered according to your needs.
For more infomration you can get in touch with our sales support team.

Quizification for Vendors

To cover our costs and pay external service providers, we charge a flat 10% fee for each transaction made on Quizification. This already includes the transaction fees we are charged by PayPal. As part of our "Customers Recruit Customers" program, the percentage may be temporarily reduced by 3 months - for each successfully recruited customer with more than 10 employees - to a total of 9%.


Fees are incurred by our financial service providers for each transaction processed through Quizification. To reduce the fees, we have created our own currency. Credits are truly awesome. For all quizzes paid with credits we can pass on a discount of one percent to you.

Content Writer Service?

Creating quizzes can be tedious and time-consuming. With our in-house content writing service, we take the work out of it by providing you with a staff member who will create the content you're looking for. We charge you 30 cents per question.