Our Partners

Free and high-quality content is close to our hearts. That's why, as part of the Quizification Partner Program, we help our partners to make social projects as available to the community as possible.

We support them to get the visibility they deserve and we also want to proactively support them in their work by giving them back a portion of the revenue generated on Quizification.

Our Friends


Adantages For You


At the end of the year we give you back a part of the profits made from the transaction costs in the form of real money.

Platform Highlighting

We make sure social and free content is placed well on Quizification and regularly schedule events highlighting these quizzes.

Premium Support

Our support team as well as our board is always available to our partners on a prioritized basis and regularly invites them to meetings.

Become A Partner

High-quality Content

Knowledge and tests on complex topics such as intelligence tests, bullying tests or tests that provide information about the individual learning type.


Content that is freely accessible to everyone and adds value to Quizification. It doesn't matter if it's just Spanish vocabulary cards or complex medical terms.

Social Organisations

All social organizations or non-governmental organizations that add value to society can apply for partnership. There are no strict requirements.