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Quizification, the solution to all learning problems

Learn how Quizification can help you make learning part of your everyday life. Whether you're a student, an institution, or a large company: Our services help everyone achieve their goals.



At Quizification, everything of importance is a quiz. Quizzes can include context-dependent questions, be time-based, include complex question types such as drawings, PDFs, other media, free text or HTML, and be played in a variety of ways.



Standard was yesterday, today is the age of personalized learning: Quizification enables the creation of context-oriented content and its examination. This allows students to demonstrate what they have learned, even if there are some gaps in their knowledge.


Exam Evaluation

We automatically evaluate tests based on a number of factors: the amount of questions answered correctly, their difficulty, whether they were answered in a timely fashion and the overall performance in the course.



Get live information about which participants have already completed their tasks, what is due next and where there are still gaps in knowledge: The learning content itself provides information about previous runs and like duration or the difficulty level.


Contact us or visit our support center to get to know more about our core features and services.