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Corporate Journey @ Quizification

If you've ever dreamt of utilizing your expertise to make a difference, you have come to the perfect spot. We are a small, driven team of engineers and designers that believe in helping people discover their route. At Quizification, our overarching goal is to create an open atmosphere where we can flourish together at our own pace - a place to learn, explore, debate and engage with one other. In a community of committed learners, we accept and appreciate differences, identify lessons gained from previous experiences and cherish each other's company.

Unsolicited application to kickstart your career 🚀

Quizification is building a next-gen education ecosystem that makes getting knowledge easier and available on-the-go. It is a huge challenge that requires the aid of more than one person. So, we are always looking to get new talent onboard with us. Right now, we are especially welcoming someone who has knowledge about the topics below. We will reach back to you if you are selected, and we will also write back if your application is denied, as we don't want you to keep waiting for a reply.

Our current job offers


Robin Schleser

We aim to establish a second home where kids, mentors and instructors feel safe and appreciated. It is our aim, our passion and our purpose. You can directly contact me with your Resume which includes your past experience along with the skill-set that you have.

Wish list in the technological branch

Sales & Compliance

Adrian Buch

I welcome everyone who wishes to be part of such an open community of learners, teachers, and knowledge seekers to a place where we can learn new things by enjoying the social life altogether! I will be happy to answer your inquiries and engage with you. So, join us on our journey to find all the hidden talent you hold.

Wish list in the sales and compliance departments


Raphael Plocher

Zeros and ones empower me to make anything into a reality, to change the world in positive ways, and to improve people's lives for the better. I want to continue following that path and make a huge social impact. That's my goal and I invite everyone who wants to be part of that process.

Wish list for our technical support