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Where we come from?

The idea of Quizification was born in the context of a partnership between different learning partners including the Ikobe Institute for Competnce and Knowledge, the Hubert-Sternberg-School and many more, with the aim of bringing high-quality content to the general public. Because no useful tools existed in the first place, Quizification has been in development since January 2019 to tackle this specific problem as well as to define the way we learn in future.

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With our intellectual platform, we help you to reach your full potential. Our visionary learning ecosystem is designed to give you the possibility to extend your knowledge while seamlessly integrating it into your daily life. Whether you are an aspiring prodigy, an adult looking for a career change or a senior who wants to study again: Quizification helps everyone by providing a huge amount of high quality courses within many different topics.


The founding team consists of Robin and Adrian, who met many years ago during a private IT project and were both in training at SAP SE in Walldorf. While working at SAP, Adrian specialized in IT security and worked closely with their cyber defense teams. He also pursued his passion through conference presentations and participation in Capture The Flag events. As he left SAP to make a name for himself as an IT consultant focusing on IT architecture and IT security at BridgingIT and later as a freelance IT security consultant working for big German companies, Robin remained as an education consultant in Walldorf until the end of 2021. There, he created many scalable multi-cloud cutting-edge OCR applications digitizing the internal learning environment. Before that, he was heavily invested in artificial intelligence - even came up with an AI being able to understand emotions - and was working on innovative topics like automation, augmented reality and 3D printing. Quizification's corporate philosophy is strongly reflected by their professional career as well as past challenges: freedom of information, high protection of data and privacy, and DIY mentality are top priorities at Quizification at all times.


Our greatest desire is to have a broad social and at the same time very individual positive impact on each and every user of our platform. That's why we work in particular with various partners who develop psychological, didactic, diagnostic and educational test procedures and make them available on Quizification. Said tests provide information on, among other things, whether a child is being bullied or what career prospects he or she has based on his or her individual knowledge, skills and very personal interests as well as wishes for the future. We have set ourselves the goal of showing every user a better future as early as possible, but at any time, and to act as a contact point for all upcoming problems, offering the best possible advice and support. Quizification was founded by us to bring people together, share knowledge and actively promote inclusion and diversity. We are proud to be part of something big together with our partners and to make a visible change.



Repetitive and constant learning is boring, we know. But by translating your learning content into exciting games and by adding competition with your friends and peers, we can promise you an amazing journey. Gamification is the key to your success and our way of driving engagement and participation. Common elements are for example a leadership board, an in-game currency, trophies as well as unique stickers.


We provide you with your very own digital mentor, focused only on you. It reminds you to learn, helps you keep track of your goals, gives you information about your past successes and shows you where you can be in the future. The assistant furthermore helps you with using Quizification and recommends exciting quizzes and communities for you to explore, and much more. Let us help you on your own journey @Quizification and learn new and exciting things you haven't thought of yet.

Smart studying

Mistakes are natural. And not having particular pieces of information at hand is okay. Context-related questions help to test knowledge holistically in a short period of time. With Quizification, a knowledge gap doesn't mean the end. It's quite the opposite: Our learning algorithms are strongly oriented towards the curve of forgetting and the possibility to work with storytelling and emotions within quizzes makes the information stay in the memory in the long run. Our maxim is: learn smart, not hard. Therefore, the reputation of quizzes can be viewed at any time in the form of comments, meaningful ratings and the number of favorites.

Social learning

No one enjoys sitting alone in a room cramming vocabulary for several hours. Learning is only fun when you can apply your knowledge or share it with others. That's why communities come first at Quizification. Our ultimate goal is to connect like-minded learners, provide them with high-quality content, and bring experts on board. We want to create an environment that puts learning together and sharing information at the forefront.


Quizification comes with a ton of features helping you with your studies like analyzing your written texts and automatically correcting them or providing a canvas to draw for instance Japanese Kanji. The time of multiple choice-like questions is over and we are excited to define the way we all learn in future.