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Meet The People Who Made

Quizification Possible

Quizification is a journey that we have just started with our precious team members.

Our Team Members

Adrian Buch


Go out there, do something useful, find a skill, and master it. Your skill will become the passion that pushes you to go beyond than you have ever gone.

Robin Schleser


Without hard work, there is no future for anyone, and struggling makes you value everything you have. So, it is okay to struggle, but it is never okay to give up.

Kunal Kashyap


With every word that I type, each word that I read, and every page that I turn, it marks the beginning of a whole new world, a new adventure that is just waiting to happen.

Raphael Plocher


Information technology enables me to directly transform my thoughts into reality. This makes every new day a beautiful challenge that I face with joy and vigor.

Kayo Dongelmans


Twitter and Instagram can be used quite professionally, but sometimes you also should be able to use them in a fun way.

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